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Vitalizing the high school graduation program

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posted on 2023-08-03, 15:28 authored by Lyle Walter Ashby

The purpose of this study is, first, to determine by examination of existing literature and of many hundreds of graduation programs, why present practice in the field of high-school graduation programs is unsatisfactory; and, second, to report the practices of certain schools which are making the graduation program pay large dividends. This study does not endeavor to make the task of preparing and consummating graduation programs an easier one. It does hope to present ideas that will result in more fruitful programs. It makes many suggestions in the light of information that has been secured from schools throughout the country which have been pioneers in this phase of educational activity. The suggestions are such that they may be adapted to the needs, aims, and conditions of local situations. No attempt is made to devise detailed programs and plans. Following the introduction and a brief review of the historical development of high-school graduation programs in Chapter I, a discussion of the criticisms of average practice is given in Chapter II. In Chapter III is set forth the philosophy of the suggested practices. These practices are exemplified in Chapter IV where a number of successful programs are cited. Chapter V contains a brief criticism and certain observations concerning the success of the new practices. A suggested seven year plan for vitalized graduation programs is presented in Chapter VI. Chapter VII is devoted to educational interpretation through the graduation program. Chapter VIII deals briefly with the administration of the new type programs. Following this a selected bibliography is presented. The appendix contains five sections dealing with additional citations of programs, certain questionnaire studies which have been made in this field, the texts of a few pageants which have been tried and found good for graduation programs, the text of one interpretation program, and the text of one survey program.







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