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Undocumented Status and Educational Outcomes Among Latino Students

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posted on 2023-08-04, 18:59 authored by Patricia C. Herdoiza

The relationship between undocumented immigrant status (immigrants residing in the United States without legal authorization) and educational outcomes, particularly perceived academic performance and future aspirations, among Latino high school students is investigated. Undocumented status in this study involves the status of students, parents, or significant others. Latino students were recruited from four high schools and a community center. Through semi-structured interviews, participants answered questions about family history, household composition (family structure), school, and future aspirations, among other topics. It is hypothesized that undocumented status will have profound effects on educational outcomes. Results show there is not necessarily a difference in educational outcomes as measured by this study between students with undocumented status or context and those with documented context. However, results suggest differences in future aspirations as well as how students with undocumented status or context versus those without such context experience parental school investments, school motivation, discrimination, deportation fears/fear of ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement), and disillusionment. Implications for theory, research, and practice are discussed.



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Degree awarded: M.A. Psychology. American University


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