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Three essays in international trade and finance

posted on 2023-08-04, 08:51 authored by Huancheng Du

This dissertation explores the economic interactions and outcomes in the nexus ofinternational trade and finance. The entire dissertation is divided into three chapterswith each chapter addresses one specific economic problem that roots in the interactionof international trade and finance.In the first chapter, I attempt to draw theoretical implications on two particular questions. First, what is the trade liberalization effect on capital market outcomes? Second, how do trade liberalization and capital market conditions jointly affect labor market outcomes such as income inequality? The objective of this chapter is to integrate both labor market frictions and capital market imperfection into one coherent theoretical framework and study the important interactions of trade liberalization and financial market development, as well as their joint impacts on aggregate income inequality.In the second chapter, I aim to provide both theoretical foundation and empirical evidence in partially explaining country authorities' decisions on financial policies.In the third chapter, We provide a novel way of extracting country-level fundamental news from the international trade network. Specifically, we show that sovereign CDS returns provide value-relevant information that slowly propagates through credit markets reflecting underreaction on a global scale.



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Degree Awarded: Ph.D. Economics. American University.; Electronic thesis available to American University authorized users only, per author's request.


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