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The Political Policy of the United States with Reference to the Philippines

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posted on 2023-08-03, 12:59 authored by Julian Picazo Bacalzo

The United States of America has been in the Philippines for more than thirty years. Through her Legislative Department, the Senate and the House of Representatives, the organ through which the people frame and declare the policies of the nation, together with the Executive Department, she endeavored to formulate and devise a pragmatic, workable and altruistic policy to meet and solve the Philippine Problem. America's intent and purpose in going to the Philippines may be stated to cover two phases of modern problems, viz., economic and political. The subject of this thesis, "The Political policy of the United States with reference to the Philippines," is to be limited within its scope , for the purpose of objectifying the subject except, however, at points where otherwise it cannot be avoided.The policy of the United States in the Philippines is an extension of American political system of republican constitutional democracy. America, therefore, pursued a policy very different from the practices of European colonizing powers in the Orient, which made the Filipinos believed that they will be given independence upon the fulfillment of a condition precedent - the establishment of a stable government. With such a policy the government of the United States adopted liberal means of cooperation and concession with the people of the Islands preparatory to granting them complete and exclusive sovereignty which would eventually result into the creation of a daughter Republic in the Far East.The political policy of the United States toward the Philippines may be found, partly, from the provisions of Congressional Statutes. Also it can be found in the utterances of Legislators. The views of Legislators of the intent and nature of American's policy expressed in statutes and utterances of legislators, the Chief Executive, and the United States Supreme Court decisions can be analyzed, discussed, and interpreted as the thesis warrants.







Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 83-01.; Thesis (M.A.)--American University, 1930.


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