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Some investigations on the weed problem in American agriculture

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posted on 2023-08-03, 14:53 authored by J.S. Cates

This study may be divided into two parts, (1) economic methods of eradication of three important American weeds, (2) the weed factor in the cultivation of corn. The weed problem in American agriculture is a manifold one. The studies presented in these pages cover only a few important phases of the weed problem in general. It is believed, however, that not only have important results been secured in the control of specific persistent perennial weeds but that a method of study has been developed which will prove of great value in studying other specific problems in weed control as the occasion arises. In the study of the relation of weeds to tillage needs of corn it is shown that weeds are a far greater factor in preventing desirable plant growth than has generally been assumed to be the case, thus calling to the attention of the practical farmer the great necessity of planning his whole farming in so far as may be expedient, so as to control or minimize these pests, and further that is is as a rule the mere presence of weeds in one great crop at least which makes intertillage desirable.



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