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Some factors of the Italian foreign policy: A Fascist point of view

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posted on 2023-09-06, 02:40 authored by Albano Murgi

A study of the development of foreign policy in any nation always reveals certain basic factors and traditional principles which are determined by geographical, political, and economic influences. I wish to demonstrate, through a study of the factors which may determine the Italian foreign policy, what has been the contribution of Fascist Italy to the maintenance of equilibrium and peace in Europe; how her policy has had a continuous, progressive development, animated by the best purposes, and directed toward the reconstruction of a world torn asunder by the Great War; how the Fascist movement has tried to inaugurate a period of autonomous and dignified conduct of foreign relations by considering from a dynamic point of view the various agents of the international situation. It is impossible now, under the pressure of the facts, to judge the situation from a strictly scientific point of view. Thus I have confined myself to an exposition of the Italian attitude towards the various problems, believing that there is a contribution towards international understanding in such a consistent presentation. This is possible when one man speaks for a nation. A similar presentation of the attitude of a democratic nation such as England would be more difficult, for then one if forced to interpret the opinion of certain statesmen as the attitude of the government or the permanent foreign policy of the State, although its motivation may be quite other than that of the people as a whole.



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