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Social and academic influences operating between dormitory freshmen and upper classmen in regard to freshman adjustment

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posted on 2023-08-03, 14:51 authored by Ernest J. Wilson

In my years of work in student personnel services as a counselor and director of dormitories it has been my observation and impression that the area that concerns the influence of room-mates on each other should be further explored if we are to employ all the aids that are necessary to insure the student an optimum advantage for academic achievement and social success. Inherent in any resident hall program there should be a philosophy based on intimate concern of the residents as individuals. This concern should include the development and use of certain criteria dedicated to the thoughtful placement of students as room-mates. Housing should be planned so as to meet the specific developmental needs of particular student as well as the variety and different level of needs of the resident group as a whole. The possibilities of the existence of any factors which might affect the inter-personal relationships between room-mates and tend to advance or retard the progressive growth of the student's academic, personal, or social competence are worthy of investigation. In this inquiry I am specifically interested in the above considerations as they affect freshmen residents in their early orientation to the dormitory community, especially as to what extent room assignment may affect academic achievement and successful group participation.



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