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Resources and Standards of Y.M.C.A. Colleges

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posted on 2023-08-03, 13:39 authored by James Alexander Bell

During the year 1922-23 a preliminary survey was made of the Young Men's Christian Association Schools giving work of collegiate grade. The data dealt solely with the entrance and graduation requirements of 36 schools. No attempt was made to discuss other problems confronting the Associations, the main purpose being to collect such information that could be used as a basis for a more intensive study of the Y.M.C.A. colleges. It is the purpose of the present study, therefore, to give a more comprehensive understanding of Y.M.C.A. collegiate education. Resources as well as standards are analyzed, and from the results general conclusions and recommendations are offered in Chapter 5. The data have been secured through personal correspondence , questionnaires and catalogues for the year 1923-24. So far as possible all changes made in the catalogues for the current year have been carefully noted. The material gathered with reference to age, entrance and graduation requirements has been presented both in tabular and graphic form.This study has been stimulated by the fact that the Y.M.C.A. college work has been of recent development. The first Y.M.C.A. charter for the conferring of degrees was granted in 1904, and 75 per cent of the charters have been granted within the past decade. It was not until April, 1919, however, that the Y.M.C.A. Educational objectives were definitely agreed upon by the "Meeting of 146" at Detroit. The study has been further stimulated by the need of part-time adult education. Especially since the war has there been a growing appreciation among young men of the value of education as a preparation for success in life. This appreciation is responsible largely for the success of many private schools as well as extension and evening classes of the well established universities located in larger cities. Thousands of young men particularly in the larger cities are recognizing the value of better and more specific preparation for the vocations in which they earn their living.







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