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Psychological and Physiological Response to Mood Induction Measured by the Biodot Skin Thermometer and State Trait Anxiety Inventory

posted on 2023-08-03, 18:10 authored by Heather Karpel

In this study we made the first documented attempt to validate the Biodot skin thermometer, an adhesive dot that changes color in response to skin temperature, and is marketed as a tool for monitoring stress levels. We recorded Biodot readings from 40 American University students under three conditions (control, stress, and relaxation). We then compared these recordings to their responses on the State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI), and temperature readings taken with an industry standard thermometer. The Biodot followed the trend of the thermometer in each condition, however the physiological measure in this study (temperature) did not entirely concur with the psychological one measured by the STAI. They differed in the stress condition. We conclude that the Biodot provided an accurate measure of temperature range, however physiological and psychological measures of stress may not be comparable measures.





Degree awarded: M.A. Psychology. American University.; Electronic thesis available to American University authorized users only, per author's request.