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Precedents of Election Cases in the United States Senate

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posted on 2023-08-03, 13:02 authored by Robert Norman Hislop

In the compiling of this thesis the author has endeavored to keep two purposes in mind. It is his sincerest hope first, that the following pages may afford the reader a concise survey of the Senate Election Cases that have given birth to the principles which direct the actions of our Senators in deciding to whom they shall tender and from whom they shall deny admittance; and secondly that the thesis itself by the method of its treatment, may serve as a basis for further scientific study in the field of Increasing efficiency and heightened respect for our National Government.It will be noticed that the cases subsequent to 1912 are much more fully treated than those prior to that date. There are at least two reasons for this. In- the first place others have made compilations of the cases prior to 1913 and thus interest in them is confined to the principles they demonstrate. Secondly, and more important however is the fact that we are here interested in the present living maxims of conduct and not the historical significance. With the adoption of the seventeenth amendment and the wide spread application of the direct primary, certain new and at first embarrassing situations arose which are of increasing importance.



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