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Persia: A Decade of International Intrigue, 1905-1914

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posted on 2023-09-06, 02:39 authored by Walter Ambrose Foote

We may conclude with considerable safety that Persia was indeed one of the most important men on the chess-board of international affairs. In fact, we may even conclude that the hub of world history during the decade ended with the outbreak of the Great War was in Persia. This conclusion may upset some of those who have blamed Germany for the outbreak of the war. While there is no intention herein to whitewash Germany or to blame any other nation, we must all admit that all of the nations of Europe were violators of international law; that all of them were greedy beyond description; that they cared but little what means were used to achieve their aims; that they intrigued on each and every occasion, even when intrigue was entirely unneccessary; and that the international suspicion and ill-will thus engendered was bound to result in the most devastating war of history.



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