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Pennsylvania's Potential Market

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posted on 2023-08-03, 12:54 authored by Francis Estol Simmons

Market Reserach as a basis for efficient distribution is yet in its infancy, although its progress in recent years is surpassed only by the enthusiasm with which its results have been received. The success of this work is notable in the annual publication of the Domestic Commerce Division, Department of Commerce, "Market Research Agencies," which records the increase of those agencies engaged in its furtherance.From studies of single functions and factors in the marketing schedule or of the potential market for certain commodities, made by individuals, advertising agencies, publishing companies, trade associations, chambers of commerce et cetera, the scope of market research extends to the general commercial surveys of large areas representing economic entities, now being made by the Domestic Commerce Division of the Department of Commerce and to be extended to the entire area of the United States. These last named surveys contemplate all aspects of the area under consideration, and include such factors as Area, Topography, Climate, Natural Resources, Population-its Distribution and Composition, Economic Activities, Wealth and Income or Purchasing Power, Purchasing Habits, Transportation Facilities, and Channels Of Distribution. Such a study supplies a sound basis for sales and advertising quotas. The facts given need only be applied to the particular problem of the individual. It is this type of market research which the following presentation of Pennsylvania's Potential Market" contemplates.



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