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Orchard Park

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posted on 2023-08-04, 15:12 authored by Lowell George Fitzgerald

Orchard Park is an original novel that explores definitions of family and community in a post-nuclear country. Orchard Park borrows from different genres including science fiction, alternate history (itself a sub-genre of science fiction), and fantasy to create an alternate 1983 in which the Cuban Missile Crisis had a much darker outcome. The story follows characters who have lost much to the two-decade long nuclear war, characters who have lost family to a radical new plague, and ultimately explores how these characters behave when placed in extraordinary circumstances. The fictional and eponymous city Orchard Park lies in a post-apocalypse state in which Gerry and Polly are challenged by the harsh natural word, betrayal and deception, and a fundamental inability and unwillingness to trust strangers in a country on the brink of total war.



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Degree awarded: M.F.A. Literature. American University


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