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Multigenerational psychometric evaluation of health promotion practices to identify determinants for sustaining worklife expectancy in aging population

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posted on 2023-08-04, 18:13 authored by Vatsalya Vatsalya

Growth of older population in United States requires multi-generational evaluation to characterize health indices for sustaining workability. The objective of this study was to assess the available health promoting practices that are being used by the working population to sustain their workability and also to identify additional health promoting practices that can be used as markers to sustain workability. Forty (40) non-treatment seeking, non-diagnosed otherwise healthy working population residing within United States with minimum age of 22 years up to 75 years were included in this study. Research data was collected as responses to two paper based questionnaires - the Customized Employee Biographical Questionnaire (EBQ) and Occupational Health Surveillance Questionnaire (OHRQ). Processed data was tabulated for the parameters with age-groups distribution as 22-31, 32-41, 42-51, 52-61 and 62+ groups and statistically analyzed. Length of working showed significant Between-Subjects effects with hours of physical training at moderate levels, though this effect increased when age was included as a covariate, which demonstrates that continuous physical training is important for all age-groups to sustain workability. Education and level of training strongly associated with hours of training as measure interactions with age as a covariate as well. The analysis of the data gathered for this investigation identified that workability was strongly associated with hours of physical training and is a significant marker for sustaining workability. Further investigation of measures in larger working population who use their work-life in an attempt to stay healthy and fit could potentially reveal significant associations that could extend workability as well as enhance work productivity in such areas as performance, presenteeism, and job satisfaction.





Degree awarded: M.S. School of Education, Teaching and Health. American University


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