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Methods used in Financing Building Projects in the District of Columbia

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posted on 2023-08-03, 12:19 authored by Benjamin E. Buente

We are in the midst of a great building era. Since financing is one of the most important factors in this field, both for the builder and the investor, a study of current practices in this matter is a necessary preliminary to building operations. While some financial plans apply generally throughout the country, each locality has its "pet" scheme of doing things, and this is influenced by various statutes, by ordinances, and by a certain amount of tradition. It is intended in this study to cover only the principal methods used in financing building projects in the District of Columbia.This thesis presents some authentic information for those who propose to erect buildings and points out which plan of financing may be best suited to a particular project. It gives guidance to those who would invest in such projects. The latter is needed because there are certain good investments with which the public is not fully acquainted, and because "wild-catting" appears to flourish in the District of Columbia. Suggestions are also made in the conclusion as to how present methods may be improved.



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