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Investigating Japanese "Heritage for Diplomacy": An Analysis of Local Narratives at Controversial UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan

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posted on 2023-09-07, 05:11 authored by Shannon McNaught

This thesis is a response to the dearth of research on the impact of subnational factors in heritage diplomacy by comparing local and national narratives at controversial UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan. In addition to expanding on existing literature, the stated research goals include developing a new theoretical framework through which to better understand and analyze the role of domestic actors and actions in heritage diplomacy practice. The research was conducted on-site in Japan and utilizes a qualitative methodology rooted in content and narrative analysis. Of the many conclusions drawn, the most significant finding stresses the importance of consistent heritage messaging at the national and subnational level as a key factor in establishing and maintaining credibility for heritage diplomacy strategies conducted on the international stage.



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