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International Treaties, Conventions and Agreements affecting the Practice of the Teaching Profession by Aliens

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posted on 2023-08-03, 17:28 authored by Margaret Lambie

While doing some legal work for a group of Colleges in connection with requirements for the admission of foreign professors under the United States Immigration Laws, I found that a number of countries had considered the subject of interchange of professors, the practice of learned professions and the recognition of academic degrees of such importance that they had entered into treaties and agreements to facilitate and regulate this type of cultural exchange.These documents seemed to warrant a study in order to determine what international law on the subject they embody, and how far international law principles as to the right of intercourse and territorial sovereignty of a nation affect the development of this interchange. Another phase of such a study is its practical bearing upon the problem of an alien teacher desiring to enter a country for the purpose of carrying on his profession therein, or of an institution of learning desiring to employ a foreign professor either temporarily or permanently on its faculty.In this connection many paths lead into the fields of history, education, law and international relations, which receive merely a passing mention in this thesis, for my main purpose is to focus upon international law as found in international documents relating to the practice of the teaching profession by aliens.



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