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I am because we are: Black male educators' participation and engagement in affinity seminars

posted on 2024-05-14, 12:39 authored by Jarvis P. Gause

Schools in America can be harrowing spaces for Black male educators as they represent less than two percent of the population in the United States education workforce. Black men’s presence in schools have been documented as showing successful and positive outcomes for students. The challenge in recruiting Black men as teachers has been examined in several research studies, however there is limited research on interventions that impact the sustainability of Black men in education. The purpose of this qualitative research study is to explore the role of affinity seminars on the personal and professional development of Black male educators. An intervention was designed based on an examination of the literature, lived experiences of the participants in the study, and the theory of action Black Men in Education Together (Gause, 2021). The data in this qualitative study was analyzed based upon three data collection methods (initial semi-structured interview, affinity seminars, and focus group). Findings from this study showed that affinity seminars have positive influences on the personal and professional growth of Black men in Prek-12 education. Participants in this study shared external motivating factors that contributed to their sustainability in the field of education, as well as challenges faced as Black male educators. Furthermore, participants noted a need for affinity seminars that fosters brotherhood, vulnerability, and a sense of belonging. This study has implications and recommendations for district and school leaders, policy makers, teacher preparation programs and Black men working in the field of education.





Degree Awarded: D.Ed. School of Education. American University


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