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Genetic Selection and Equilibrium in Sexual Plants

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posted on 2023-08-03, 17:07 authored by William Beck Kemp

The primary aim of this paper is to discuss the germinal purpose of selection. This purpose also only to isolate germplasm capable of the greatest production when properly selected. This paper is not interested in the somatic purpose of selection which aims to isolate mature, viable seed that will not convey diseases to the progeny. It is assumed as self-evident that somatic selection is frequently and necessarily essential. To plant decayed potatoes or frozen corn kernels would be absurd. To plant seeds infected with certain diseases might produce oven more disastrous results. As considered in this study, germinal selection might be defined as that type of selection which induces the tendency toward a heavier production from seed on one generation than was possible from seed subjected to equally careful selection in a previous generation.This paper is limited to a discussion of (1) some conditions that may induce equilibrium, (2) the reproductive behavior at equilibrium, and (3) the margin between reproduction and production. It makes no attempt to discuss the extent to which equilibrium waists in a population, the relative value or different agencies la inducing equilibrium, or the reproductive behavior of interacting factors when the result is different in kind from that of the constituent individual factors.



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