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Fellowship with God: The Essence of Religion, Possible to All Men and Necessary to the Full Realization of the Individual Self

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posted on 2023-09-06, 02:46 authored by Ruth E. Decker

Religion is the life experience, wherein man meets God. He may not necessarily be conscious that it is God whom he is meeting or of God as a personality. It is not always an experience of the whole life. Many definitions of religion have arisen because the experience has varied so much. But religion at its highest and best is an experience of the whose man and a conscious fellowship with a personal God. We may believe from the evidences of nature that as understood by philosophers, that the unitary purpose revealed to scientists is a personal God. History and the conscience in man, in its ability to judge right and wrong, reveal that the purpose of our personal God is moral and holy. Beauty in our lives reveals to us that there must be beauty in the heart of our Creator. The Father God revealed by Jesus Christ and the proof of this revelation from experience and reason enable us to know that He is love, that He has nothing but love with which to meet his children. So gradually we unfold the evidence that presents a friendly God, one who is desirous of having the fellowship of his children.



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