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Exploring the Effect of Rumination and Emotional Construal on State Body Image Dissatisfaction

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posted on 2023-08-04, 13:05 authored by Erin M. Sparapani

The current study used an experimental design to determine a causal role of rumination on body image dissatisfaction and negative affect. The current study also explored the role of trait rumination and emotion regulation on body image dissatisfaction and negative affect. Participants took baseline measures of rumination and emotion regulation and were presented with a vignette designed to induce negative body image. Participants were randomly assigned to one of three processing conditions following the vignette (rumination, concrete-experiential, and distraction, with the hypothesis that rumination would increase body image dissatisfaction and negative affect). Results indicate that no significant differences were seen in any dependent measure based on condition. Regression analyses indicate that those who have limited effective strategies with which to deal with distress and tend to ruminate experience higher body image dissatisfaction and negative affect than do individuals who do not lack strategies to regulate emotional distress.



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