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Ethnic Identity Predicts Eating Disorder Risk in White, Black, and Biracial Women

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posted on 2023-08-04, 14:36 authored by Sarah M. Godoy

This study investigated the role of ethnic identity in eating disorder risk (EDR) among biracial women and whether they differed in ethnic identity compared to Black and White women. Depressive symptoms were also compared. One hundred two women completed measures of depression, EDR, and ethnic identity. Statistical analyses revealed that while Black and White women differed in ethnic identity, biracial women did not significantly differ from either group. Analyses revealed that ethnic identity was a significant predictor of EDR. There was a trend for ethnic identity as a negative predictor of body dissatisfaction (BD) in White and biracial women. Ethnic exploration negatively predicted BD and drive for thinness in biracial women. Depressive symptoms did not differ across groups. Ethnic identity was negatively predictive of depression symptoms only in Black women.



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Degree awarded: M.A. Psychology. American University