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Edward Hopper's Urban Landscapes: Modern Experience and Alienation

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posted on 2023-09-07, 05:06 authored by Can Gulan

Edward Hopper's works are generally associated with alienation, but the sources of this feeling are not studied extensively and in a comprehensive manner. Hopper's representation of deserted and bleak cityscapes focus on loneliness and isolation of urban centers to create this feeling of alienation, which is supported by subtle depictions of dangerous possibilities at night. This alienating modern experience is also related to the transition from rural to urban areas and the resulting adjustment period while this transition creates tensions between nature and civilization in Hopper's works. Hopper's use of light is another alienating aspect of his works, especially in artificially lighted scenes. Hopper also focused on new voyeuristic possibilities of urban life and the way he represented these qualities created alienating experiences for the viewers. All these aspects of Hopper's works are contributing to the feeling of alienation and they are all related to the modern experience.



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