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Dilemmas of cultural policy formulation in a transitional society: The case of Taiwan, Republic of China*

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posted on 2023-09-06, 03:24 authored by Su-Hua Kuo

Political and economic developments have a strong impact on cultural policy. These influences are even strong in a country with a long history and is now undergoing a transition from a conservative and agricultural society to an open and industrialized one. This is the case with Taiwan, Republic of China. This thesis tries to define the rules of general cultural policy formulation and indicate Taiwan's position under these rules. The emphasis will be on Taiwan's policy environment, its cultural operation and developmental process, as well as the changes of policy strategies. The findings of this thesis suggest that Taiwan is a success in eventually reaching compromise between political and cultural goals, and in redistributing the power of different interest groups. Its ways of public participation in the policy formulation process is also unique. ftn*Originally published in MAI vol. 28, no. 2. Reprinted here under correct subject category.



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