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Contemporary issues of the university symphony orchestra: How participation and funding affect orchestra programs in United States universities

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posted on 2023-09-06, 03:25 authored by Anne Sylvia Meredith

University symphony orchestras contribute to colleges and universities in the United States by providing educational musical experiences which give cultural enrichment to students, faculty, and the community. A survey was made of a cross-section of universities and their orchestras based on size, geographical location, and with private or public support. The survey focused on levels of orchestra participation, funding, and activities, and the results showed that the average number of orchestra participants is 63 and the average orchestra budget is $10,700 per year. Conclusions drawn from the survey showed that university orchestra funding primarily comes from the university and that the orchestra funding levels directly affect the number of orchestra concerts, tours, and other activities. University orchestra participation and funding levels were compared with many factors such as university enrollment and budget, music department enrollment and budget, and number of music faculty. The survey results provide information about orchestra conductors and show that the salary of the orchestra conductor correlates to the music department and orchestra budgets, and the average salary is shown to be $36,126.00.



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Thesis (M.A.)--American University, 1990.


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