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Black Philanthropy in the Visual Arts: A Contemporary Perspective

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posted on 2023-09-07, 05:01 authored by Tanekeya Word

This paper is intended as a contribution to a contemporary analysis of Black Philanthropy in the visual arts. Its purpose is to answer the central question: "How do Black Americans currently fund the visual arts?" while analyzing the conventional wisdom and deconstructing theories found within the European fundraising model--as it pertains to U.S. philanthropy in the visual arts. Contrary to Henry A. Rosso's canonical text Achieving Excellence, this paper's contemporary research concluded that contemporary Black philanthropy consists of heterogeneous funding. This thesis provides qualitative interviews and quantitative supporting data via survey to analyze the current trends in Black philanthropy and it anticipates future trends of Black philanthropy in the visual arts. Key Phrases: African American(s), Black American(s), Black Nouveau Riche, Carson's axiom, Creative sector, Cultural Initiator, Cultural Producer, Individual Donor, Influencer, Black Philanthropy, Visual Art, Post-Huxtable collector, Post-black, Post-Black art, Post-black era, Afrofuturists, Post Modernism, Giving circle



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