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American housing as affected by social and economic changes

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posted on 2023-08-03, 13:43 authored by Edith L. Allen

There are dwellings remaining in America to represent almost every stage in the development of housing since the beginning of the 17th century, in which families are making their homes. Some of these are very comfortable but many are not all that could be desired. There are rural as well as city slums and many of those are inhabited by fine American citizens. It is not the building of great masterpieces in house architecture that is needed, but the raising of the quality of houses where they are lagging behind. We must continue to center attention on housing in growing communities, which is a different problem from that of fewer pioneer settlements. So must remember that housing has always been influenced to a marked degree by the economic conditions of the people. Then a few have become very rich at the expense of the rest some very beautiful and pretentious houses have been built for those with fortunes, while the masses have lived in uncomfortable and ugly quarters. An even distribution of wealth, combined with nationwide prosperity, has resulted in comfortable homes for the masses. Under the circumstances few great masterpieces in house architecture have been produced and, though the architecture has beer fairly good, there has been adverse criticism of the monotony in the appearance of housing everywhere. But the most urgent question is, what shall we do with the millions of antiquated ugly dwellings we have on our hands; and the present day problem is to secure a good quality of housing for every family in the land, and to do it so that the result will satisfy artistic tastes.



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