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Allah in Valhalla: A Prismatic Inquiry into Sweden's Anti-Muslim Movement

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posted on 2023-09-07, 05:05 authored by Elizabeth Shannon Pearce

Violence and discrimination against Muslims and immigrants from countries with a Muslim majority is a pervasive problem that is becoming entrenched in Western societies. Sweden, often considered a bastion of peace and tolerance, is experiencing the escalation of violence against these populations coupled with a growing movement to institutionalize anti-Muslim sentiments through government policy. This study explores literatures across disciplines and perspectives across cleavages to analyze the issues and processes that contribute to violence and those that promote the peaceful resolution of Sweden's conflict. Using a combination of methodological approaches, interviews were conducted with relevant actors to bolster the analysis by exploring the sources and drivers of conflict as individuals within the conflict context conceive them. Analysis of relevant government policies and programming is also included, with a conclusion that recommends enhancing the incorporation of established theories from the field of peace and conflict resolution in policy and social programs.



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