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A study of opinions of animated advertising in television

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posted on 2023-08-03, 17:34 authored by Kenneth Bauer Frye

In recent years a new concept has been added to the field of television advertising, that of animation. Many claims and counter claims have been made regarding the effectiveness of this new medium. Little study has been done in the field of comparative technique effectiveness and none, to the knowledge of the researcher, has been done on the memory and sales comparisons of live action and animation, and the reasons therefore. This is a study of the opinions of viewers on various aspects of television advertising with emphasis on the effectiveness of animation. Four hundred and twenty persons were given questionnaires on the following topics: television set in residence, opinion of television advertising, average hours viewing television per day, characteristics of television advertising preferred, technique (animation or live action) preferred, reasons for the technique preference, the technique remembered longest and the technique which had the greatest sales potential. These factors have been studied by formal education, age, sex and average hours per day viewed. The conclusions stated herein are based on the percentages of the persons in the various groups with reference to their opinions on the factors studied.



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