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A special treatise of federal taxation as applied to corporations

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posted on 2023-08-03, 17:24 authored by David J. Shorb

This treatise has a two-fold purpose in connection with the Federal Income and Profits Taxes as applied to Corporations for 1920. In the first place, every taxpaying corporation can find the answer to almost any problem which comes up in connection with the correct preparation of corporation tax returns for 1920. This treatise will be easily understood because it is written in plain, every day business English. The second purpose of this treatise is to supply and complete set of simple instructions for the preparation of the income tax return Form 1120, which must be made by all corporations for the business year of 1920. This treatise covers Form 1120 from beginning to end, item by item, line by line, and gives instructions as to just what should be included in the figures for answering every question and also what should be excluded. The intent of the treatise is to make these instructions so plain and so simple that any bookkeeper who understands business records can transfer the proper figures from the books to the proper places upon Form 1120 and make a complete and accurate return to the government for the taxable income of any corporation for the year 1920.



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