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A Critical Evaluation of the Core Program as Revealed Through a Study of Selected Materials From Professional Literature During the Period 1946-1954

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posted on 2023-08-03, 16:59 authored by Anjarone Y. Cunningham

The writer's interest in this study originated from a desire which was twofold. The first was to know the findings of a representative number of educators as regards the success attained in pupil achievements, both scholastically and socially, through use of the core program. The second was to know the effects of the impact of friendly and hostile forces upon the program. To this end, the historical approach has been used in order that an accumulation of facts which will either attest or refute the theory that the core program is an efficacious method of teaching could be presented. Notwithstanding the existence of such data, many misconstrued concepts and vague understandings of the type and quality of training pupils receive in the core program still exist among some educators as well as laymen* It is hoped, therefore, that wherever possible, this study will serve to eradicate at least a portion of these misgivings and augment existing respect for, interest in, and understanding of the core program's potentials.



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