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Electrophysiological evidence of GABAA and GABAC receptors on zebrafish retinal bipolar cells

posted on 2023-08-05, 08:42 authored by Victoria ConnaughtonVictoria Connaughton, R. Nelson, A. Bender

To refine inhibitory circuitry models for ON and OFF pathways in zebrafish retina, GABAergic properties of zebrafish bipolar cells were studied with two techniques: whole cell patch responses to GABA puffs in retinal slice, and voltage probe responses in isolated cells. Retinal slices documented predominantly axon terminal responses; isolated cells revealed mainly soma-dendritic responses. In the slice, GABA elicited a conductance increase, GABA responses were more robust at axon terminals than dendrites, and Erev varied with [Cl−]in. Axon terminals of ON- and OFFtype cells were similarly sensitive to GABA (30–40pA peak current); axotomized cells were unresponsive. Bicuculline-sensitive, picrotoxin-sensitive, and picrotoxin-insensitive components were identified. Muscimol was as effective as GABA; baclofen was ineffective. Isolated bipolar cells were either intact or axotomized. Even in cells without an axon, GABA or muscimol (but not baclofen) hyperpolarized dendritic and somatic regions, suggesting significant distal expression. Median fluorescence change for GABA was −0.22 log units (~−16mV); median half-amplitude dose was 0.4μM. Reduced [Cl−]out blocked GABA responses. GABA hyperpolarized isolated ONbipolar cells, OFF-cells were either unresponsive or depolarized. Hyperpolarizing GABA responses in isolated cells were bicuculline and TPMPA insensitive, but blocked or partially blocked by picrotoxin or zinc. In summary, axon terminals contain bicuculline-sensitive GABAA receptors and both picrotoxin-sensitive and insensitive GABAC receptors. Dendritic processes express zinc- and picrotoxin-sensitive GABAC receptors.



Vis Neurosci


Published in final edited form as: Vis Neurosci. 2008 ; 25(2): 139–153. doi:10.1017/S0952523808080322.


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