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The UCS preexposure effect in taste aversion learning : Tolerance and blocking are drug specific

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posted on 2023-08-05, 11:58 authored by Robert J. Dacanay, Anthony RileyAnthony Riley

Following drug preexposure, rats were given taste aversion conditioning in either the pre- exposure environment or the home cage. For animals preexposed to LiCI, only the subjects con- ditioned in the preexposure environment showed the typical Despreexposure effect, that is, an attenuated aversion, an effect consistent with a blocking interpretation of the LiCI-induced pre- exposure effect. On the other hand, all rats preexposed to morphine displayed attenuated aver- sions, independent of the preexposure and conditioning environments. an effect consistent with a pharmacological tolerance explanation of the ues preexposure effect to morphine. The spe- cific mechanism underlying the drug-induced attenuation appears to be drug-dependent.



Animal Learning & Behavior


Published in: Animal Learning & Behavior 1982, 10 (1), 91-96.


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