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Robust finite-temperature disordered Mott insulating phases in inhomogeneous Fermi-Fermi mixtures with density and mass imbalance

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posted on 2023-08-05, 10:48 authored by Anzi Hu, M.M. Maśka, Charles W. Clark, J.K. Freericks

Ultracold mixtures of different atomic species have great promise for realizing novel many-body phenomena. In a binary mixture of femions with a large mass difference and repulsive interspecies interactions, a disordered Mott insulator phase can occur. This phase displays an incompressible total density, although the relative density remain compressible. We use strong-coupling and Monte Carlo calculations to show that this phase exists for a broad parameter region for ultracold gases confined in a harmonic trap on a three-dimensional optical lattice, for experimentally accessible values of the trap parameters.



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