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Attentional Set Shifting

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posted on 2023-08-05, 13:09 authored by Cherish Ardinger, David Linsenbardt

Attentional Set Shifting (digging version of the task). Earlier on this testing day, the mouse learned that an odor predicted reward availability (not shown). In the current video, the mouse's behavioral flexibility is being tested using an extradimensional shift where now a texture (litter in this example) predicts reward availability. The cage on the right is used to hold the mouse while new trials are set up in the mouse's home cage for testing. Once a mouse makes a choice (indicated by digging), the bowl that was not chosen is removed from the testing area to prevent 'bowl-switching.' If the mouse makes a correct choice, a new trial begins immediately after a short visit to the holding cage to allow the experimenter time to bait the next bowls. If the mouse makes an incorrect choice, there is a two-minute wait in the holding cage before the onset of the next trial. Video provided by Cherish Ardinger (Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis) and David Linsenbardt (University of New Mexico School of Medicine).



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