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Unidentified Aerial Object Over Alaska Threatens United States Airspace

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posted on 2023-07-27, 18:36 authored by Abby Bacon

John Kirby, a member of the Security Council, announced during a news conference that the Department of Defense was ordered by President Biden to shoot down a “high altitude” object in United States airspace [1].

The unidentified aerial object was described to be the size of a small car, and the owner of it is unknown. However, the DOD confirmed that the object was unmanned when it was shot down by an F-22 Raptor Jet [2].

After the incident with China’s high altitude balloon, the DOD made adjustments to their technology in order to pick up on smaller aerial objects that violated United States airspace. The recent adjustments caused radars to detect the object over the Alaskan coast [1].

President Biden stated in recent remarks that “nothing right now suggests that they [the object] were related to China’s spy balloon program” [2].

The Security Council believes the object is likely to belong to either a private company or to a weather research organization, therefore posing no significant threat to national security [2].



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