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The Multicultural Context and Multidimensional Scope of Peace

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posted on 2023-08-04, 12:13 authored by JANNIE MALAN

Since culture is deeply rooted in human beings of all groups, its role in both causing conflict and resolving conflict can be quite dynamic. Through time-proven traditions of dealing with conflict, culture can function constructively and meaningfully. Culture can also harbour divisive elements, however, which lead to discrimination against people of other cultures, and to conflict. When a breakthrough to mutual cultural understanding and respect has taken place, however, much more than an ad hoc peace agreement can be reached. A transformed and coexistential situation can become a reality. Both traditional and contemporary methods of dealing with conflict should be explored and utilised as necessary. Appropriate development, of which the people concerned can take ownership and to which they can commit themselves, should be supported. A climate of harmonious but realistic and natural coexistence should be promoted.



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