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Review—recent advances in FSCV detection of neurochemicals via waveform and carbon microelectrode modification

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posted on 2023-08-05, 13:17 authored by Harmain Rafi, Alexander Zestos

Fast scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) is an analytical technique that was first developed over 30 years ago. Since then, it has been extensively used to detect dopamine using carbon fiber microelectrodes (CFMEs). More recently, electrode modifications and waveform refinement have enabled the detection of a wider variety of neurochemicals including nucleosides such as adenosine and guanosine, neurotransmitter metabolites of dopamine, and neuropeptides such as enkephalin. These alterations have facilitated the selectivity of certain biomolecules over others to enhance the measurement of the analyte of interest while excluding interferants. In this review, we detail these modifications and how specializing CFME sensors allows neuro-analytical researchers to develop tools to understand the neurochemistry of the brain in disease states and provide groundwork for translational work in clinical settings.



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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Volume 168, Issue 5, May 2021, Article number 057520.


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