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Linking Peace, Security and Developmental Regionalism : Regional Economic and Security Integration in Africa

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posted on 2023-08-04, 12:09 authored by David Francis

The multiplicity of wars and armed conflicts in Africa, coupled with diverse security threats and challenges, has refocused international policy and academic attention on the peace-securitydevelopment nexus. A particular area of concern is what role African regional economic and security organisations can play in conflict stabilisation, conflict management and winning the peace in transition societies in post-Cold War Africa. This article critically explores the nexus of peace, security and development within the framework of the resurgence of economic and security regionalisms with a particular focus on regionalist projects in Africa, including ECOWAS in West Africa, SADC in Southern Africa and IGAD in the Horn of Africa. It explores the role of viable, strong and modern states in driving and strengthening the nexus within the framework of economic and security regionalism in Africa.



Journal of Peacebuilding & Development




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