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Creating a Voice for Centrism in the Political Blogosphere

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posted on 2023-08-03, 12:14 authored by Graham Vyse

For my Honors Capstone, I created a blog called “The Center Fielder,” which sought to cover centrist politics in America, avoiding the coverage of the conventional left and right. The idea was to focus on the bipartisan compromise and consensus that actually moves legislation forward in Washington and in the states. Over the past three months, the Center Fielder published aggregated news stories about centrist politics and policy, as well as original interviews with centrist politicians and activists. For example, I discussed the future of the centrist group No Labels with two of its young staffers, and I had a lengthy conversation with Third Way president Jonathan Cowan and what it means to be a moderate Third Way Democrat today. I composed 21 Center Fielder posts in total, including five substantive interviews.



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