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Power outages by U.S. state 2016-2020

posted on 2023-08-04, 11:35 authored by Bluefire Studios LLC

This is a historical dataset from PowerOutage.US ( The original data file was converted from TSV (tab separated values) format to Microsoft Excel by American University Library for easier usability; the contents were not altered. Both of those files are made available for downloading here as a ZIP file. For 2016, only data for 14 states is available. Meaning of columns in this dataset: Record Hours- Total number of hours recorded (most of the time it will be 365 * 24) / Customer Hours - Total number of hours recorded by customer (customers * 24 * 365) / Outage Hours - Total number of hours without power per customer / Percent Hours Out - Percent of hours without power per customer / AVG Customer - average amount of tracked customers / Max Outage Count - Max number of customers without power at one time.



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    Historical power outage data for the USA


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